Today I am going to teach you how to earn free bitcoin.

There are many websites that are not legit and they will try and trick you into doing a survey to earn free bitcoin. The problem with these sites are that once you complete them; you will not receive your promised bitcoin.

One other common bitcoin scam is that they tell you there is some magic bitcoin generator software out there that can make bitcoins. I ask that you please do not be naive and believe these lies. The only thing that will happen when you try to earn free bitcoins in this manner is that you will either waste your time; put a virus on your computer; or have your identity stolen.

The method I’m am going to teach you today involves signing up for a company called Coinbase. Feel free to not just take my word for it and look them up. They are a reputable company and when you signup and deposit $100 then they will give you $10 in free bitcoin.

Theoretically after you earn your free $10 in bitcoin you can send the $100 that you just deposited back to bank and then use the free $10 to begin trading bitcoin online.

In fact if you are a newcomer to bitcoin then that is exactly what I recommend. In the future I will be posting more guides on how you can earn free bitcoin online.

If you want to take advantage and get your bitcoin then you can do so by simply clicking on the link below:

Get Your Free $10 In Bitcoin Now

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